HR and recruitment professionals know that somethings in the field never change, like the importance of matching great roles to great talent. Just about everything else however changes rapidly. Like every industry recruitment grows and evolves with the times. So what’s on the move in 2020 for those hiring in the marketing sector? Here’s 5 key insights for marketing hiring trends in 2020.

1.A candidates market: 

We’re blue in the face from having to repeat this line over and over but Ireland is leveraging at almost full employment at the moment. Naturally this is having a huge effect on talent acquisition. The country is in a candidates market. There’s almost fewer candidates at the moment than there is open roles. Hence, HR teams are feeling the pressure. It’s crucial in this climate to have a streamlined employer branding and recruitment marketing strategy if you want to fill those crucial roles.

2.Digital marketing is an ever growing role:

Digital marketing continues to be the most sought after skill with 61% of hiring managers reporting that they hired for this skill in 2019 and will continue to hire in 2020. According to MediaCom, 48 percent of marketing budgets will be spent on digital channels this year. Within this sector, digital marketing is also set to see some growing trends in it’s own field. Shoppable posts, predictive marketing and SEO structured data are set to be prominent in 2020. So, HR teams should consider this when making a hire.

3.Ageism in the marketing sector:

67% of hiring managers believe that an applicants resume may be screened out based on age. Ageism in the marketing sector is still prevalent perhaps because unlike other forms of discrimination including racism it is still socially accepted and typically unchallenged. Corporate Ireland is apparently not very good at employing older people. According to the Central Statistics Office the labor force participation by the older cohort is at around 60% in Ireland. This compares with nearly 79% in the UK. Counteracting ageism is sure to come into focus.

4.Gen Z are re-occurring ghosters:

Although Gen Z respondents were most likely to ghost (86 percent), every generation reported a significant level of job-search abandonment. A study by Randstad found that 43% of Gen Z employees have “ghosted” an employer ie. they accepted a job, then changed their mind before the start date. This figure was compared to 26% of millennials and Gen X, and 13% of Baby Boomers.

5.Remote working: 

Given the tighter candidate market, hiring managers are looking much farther afield to find the right candidates. 85 percent  of businesses said they would hire a remote candidate, which is a 21 percent increase from what was reported in last year’s industry analysis. From a candidates perspective, the number of people who searched for their job title proceeded by the word ‘remote’ increased by 171%.

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