Recruitment is an industry that sees a lot of chopping and changing (and I’m not talking about your candidates).With every year that goes by we see a new set of trends roll in and disrupt the game. We’re thinking a lot about the ways in which recruitment is changing here at Total Talent today. So, we’ve decided to put our thoughts down on paper. Here’s 4 ways recruitment is evolving and why you should know.

1.The job market is candidate driven.

Unemployment rates in Ireland have nearly reached boom time levels. While this is great news for the economy, it’s a big challenge for the recruiters actively searching for talent. This has resulted in a market that is almost entirely candidate driven. You’re most favorable candidates can now be openly picky with regard to who they do/don’t want to work for.  Hence, recruiters have seen a dramatic rise in the number of temp roles as employers struggle to find man power. That’s why it’s more important than ever for recruiters to build and maintain passive candidate pools to ensure you have constant talent ready for new opportunities.

2. Tech advancements are disrupting the game.

We all know AI and machine learning are encroaching at an almost worrying speed. However, it’s the recruiter that embraces these changes that will be at an advantage. Software technologies can really maximise the time of a recruiter. Consider platforms like Textio and If you have a system to help you cut down on the time consuming small jobs then you will have more time to invest in sourcing and nurturing great talent.

3. Managing Data has become more complicated.

Four small letters that evoke one big fear, enter our favorite acronym…GDPR. GDPR has shaken up the recruitment industry and compliance is currently king. How recruiters handle, collect, process and store candidate’s data is becoming increasingly complex. Recruiter’s candidate databases have shrunk substantially as a result of increasing regulation. Its imperative that recruiters are informed about the need to cleanse and appropriately manage data. This is a necessary evil and while it’s an irritating change, it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep up with it.

4.Recruitment marketing is getting tougher. 

It’s become difficult to make your recruitment services heard online. Everyone is investing money in trying to market jobs and businesses. Candidates however, are looking outside of the traditional realms of job boards, they want to be enticed and engaged. Talent wants recruiters to appeal to them on a multitude of platforms. Use Google jobs, use tik tok or use anything that’s a little bit creative.

Here at Total Talent we are ‘totally’ obsessed with recruitment. So if you have any roles to fill or if you are looking for a job get in touch with us today!