Recruiters are always in tune with the importance of looking after candidates. After all, this is a key reason why external businesses use recruiters because they streamline the candidate experience which thus reflects positively on the business in question. It’s imperative to maintain close relationships with candidates and inform them of any updates during their job search at all times. Still need some convincing on the true merits of candidate care? Well here’s 4 reasons why everyone should be prioritizing candidate care.

1.Trust development.

By making a concrete effort to talk to candidates on the phone or face to face, the relationship between candidate and recruiter will almost certainly be more trusting. We are in a market that is literally fighting for talent, so forging good relationships with candidates has never been more vital. By communicating with candidates frequently you will also gain a sense of their persona and will then have a better understanding of what roles they will be a good fit for.

2. Improved communication.

Following on from point one, this investment into communication should not end point blank once a candidate has been placed. That follow up call a few months after the placement is vital for a number of reasons. Firstly, it showcases that you genuinely care about the candidate’s work satisfaction. Secondly, if the candidate is dissatisfied, you will hopefully be the first point of contact in which case you can be the recruiter who tries to find a more fitting role for them. All this works in tandem to build a great reputation for the recruiter and eases a candidate’s experience in the job hunt.

3. Optimized interview outcomes.

For many candidates, interviewing can represent  a daunting part of the application process. By keeping in touch with your candidate at every stage, alleviating their fears and streamlining their experience, candidates have a much higher chance of performing well in interviews. Even if you’re candidate isn’t successful the first time, it’s really important to give feedback and express interest in how the candidate found their interview process overall. By showing interest and by aiding your client’s professional development chances are they will ace the next one with your help. Thus, the candidate gets their job and you eventually get your placement.

4. Longevity in placement. 

All the work that happens prior to the placement actually has a positive effect on the duration of the placement itself. Candidates have been guided through the entire process and haven’t been left to become overwhelmed. Hence when they are placed they are more relaxed overall which means that there is an increased chance that the placement will stick! This is great for the candidate but also great for the reputation of both client and recruiter. For more information on the candidate journey click here.

The candidate experience and the care of the candidate in equal measure have never seen such traction. In this current period, candidates are not fighting for jobs but rather jobs are fighting for candidates so increased effort is required. Investing time and care in your candidate will have a multitude of benefits for everyone involved. 

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